Decentralized Finance Development

DeFi or Decentralized Finance is the decentralization of traditional financial services. It allows crypto users to enjoy financial services such as lending, borrowing, trading, etc. without the need for a central authority. Normally, decentralized finance development is done on Ethereum. DeFi is replacing the traditional financial institutions such as banks, exchanges, insurance companies, and bonds.

Decentralized Finance Development Company

Decentralized finance solutions allow people to participate in commercial markets without the need for a middleman. DeFi is the future of financial systems and WebPixel Pro aims to deliver. Our DeFi solutions ensure more security, transparency, and reliability. Our DeFi developers provide you with a secure, reliable, and transparent system.
Our team has skills and expertise in building DeFi solutions and has catered to a wide range of industries that gives brands a competitive edge. As an established DeFi development company, we build your financial applications from the ground up and assist you in building your DeFi platform. We excel at providing reliable and innovative solutions.

Advantages of DeFi

Our DeFi Development Services

We offer the following DeFi solutions development.

Blockchain Web Wallet

WebPixel Pro team develops a secure web wallet to store, send, and receive cryptocurrency. They are also used to support multiple currencies and ensure reliability, security, and high scalability.

Mobile Wallet development

It is fundamentally an application that every mobile user can use on their smartphone. Our experts develop secure mobile wallets with both IOS and Android compatibility. It help with the efficient access to funds and quick cryptocurrency transactions.

Blockchain Crypto Wallet Integration

Our specialized development team offers custom blockchain-powered wallets. We make custom integrations like plugins, third-party services, etc.

Desktop Wallet Development

Desktop cryptocurrency wallet is used to store the private keys of users. A desktop wallet delivers better security and is more difficult to hack. Our experts build stable customizable desktop wallets to store crypto assets.

Full Node Wallet Development

A full node crypto-currency wallet contains its full node. This wallet is capable of verifying transactions by a local copy of the blockchain. Our expert team provides you with an advanced full node wallet with maximum security.

Custodial Wallet Application

A custodial cryptocurrency wallet application gives a third party access to your private keys. With our custodial cryptocurrency wallet development, users can manage their funds without the fear of losing private keys.

Coin Specific Wallet Creation

WebPixel Pro offers Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrency-specific wallets. We offer coin-specific wallet solutions for smooth and reliable operation.

Features of a Cryptocurrency Wallet

Our blockchain cryptocurrency wallet comes with unique attributes that create a competitive edge under the cryptocurrency business.

Two Factor Authentication

Users can set up two-factor authentication for enhancing the security of the account.

Fast Cryptocurrency Transaction

Our blockchain cryptocurrency wallets are faster and more secure.

User-Friendly interface

WebPixel Pro provides crypto-wallets with eye-catching interfaces. The wallet experience is friendly for both the beginner and the experienced person.

Multiple Cryptocurrency wallet

Users can store any type of currency that is circulated today in the market with our multiple cryptocurrency wallets. It’s easy to customize the wallet according to user needs.

Quick Implementations

WebPixel Pro has a skilled and experienced development team that can implement complex requirements in the given time domain. We can implement the needed solution in a short period

Cross-Platform Compatibility

We can develop a wallet that supports multiple platforms like Android, iOS, blackberry, and windows. Our developed cryptocurrency wallet is also compatible with all desktop platforms.

Integration with Crypto Exchanges

Our developers establish API integrations with crypto exchanges around the world.


The main function of a cryptocurrency wallet is to allow users to store and retrieve cryptocurrencies.
Metamask is the most commonly used browser extension and mobile application wallet.
Yes, storing multiple cryptocurrencies is possible. However, the crypto wallet should support the cryptocurrencies that you want to store in it. For instance, if you need to store Bitcoin, Ethereum, and ERC20 tokens in a multi-currency wallet, that wallet should be able to support these.
A hot wallet is connected with the web and its private keys are put away online. On the other hand, a cold wallet isn’t associated with the internet and its private keys are stored offline.

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