Blockchain Developers

Hire Blockchain developers with in-demand skills and augment your development team to skyrocket the long-term success of your projects. We assist you to hire the most competent and skilled developers to help you excel in your business and gain a competitive edge.

WebPixel Pro offers blockchain staff augmentation services to help your company thrive and make a name for itself in the digital landscape.

We offer flexible hiring options and you can choose one that fits your needs. You can hire developers in accordance with the exact requirements of your project. You can hire resources on a contractual basis, part-time basis, or full-time basis.

These developers are the key building blocks for the implementation of Blockchain technology.

Benefits of Hiring our Blockchain Developer

The blockchain developers at WebPixel Pro are skilled and have wide experience on various blockchain platforms.

The developers keep your confidential data safe. You can be reassured that no outside person can infiltrate.

Our developers help improve efficiency by streamlining business processes. This enables greater productivity as well.

In case of any queries regarding your project, you can easily contact the developer to come up with immediate solutions.

You can always contact the blockchain developers and assess their skill set to better evaluate if they’re the right fit for your project.

Your projects will be a guaranteed success as they’ll be in the hands of experts proficient in Blockchain technology.

You can continuously monitor the performance of developers to make sure everything is running smoothly and that your project is a success.

Blockchain Platforms, our Developers Work on

Our blockchain developers work on various platforms including but not limited to:












Things to Look for in a Blockchain Developer

Understanding of Blockchain Fundamentals

They should be adept and have knowledge of the basic blockchain fundamentals such as Smart Contracts, dApps, Distributed Ledgers, Consensus Mechanisms, Tokens, and Permissioned vs. Public Blockchains.

Proficiency in a High-Level Programming Language

To be proficient as a Blockchain developer, you must be skilled at one high-level programming language at the very least. Some common programming languages used for blockchain development include JavaScript, GoLang, Solidity, C++, and C#. A skilled professional in the field would be an expert in one or more of these programming languages.

Strong Grasp in Smart Contracts, Cryptography, and Decentralized Systems

Developers need to be familiar with how cryptography works, how smart contracts execute and have knowledge of distributed and decentralized systems. They must know consensus algorithms that are widely known in Blockchain such as Proof of Work and Proof of Stake. Developers need to have an excellent understanding of these concepts.

How We Select Blockchain Developers

We first test their technical abilities and skillsets. They are given tasks to determine if they’re suitable for the job. Our senior developers also get onboard and conduct technical interviews to ensure they will be able to meet project deliverables.

We select candidates that can fit into your company culture. Our goal is to hire resources who are aligned with your company’s values.

Communication skills are one of the top soft skills that we prioritize. Our HR experts at WebPixel Pro make sure to onboard resources that have excellent English speaking and communication skills. We also want to hire people with a go-getter attitude and the willingness to learn, grow and work effectively in teams.

Our Hiring Process

Step 1: Share requirements

Step 2: Shortlist candidates

Step 3: Interviews & selection

Step 4: Integration

Step 5: Ongoing support


You can either hire a developer through popular Freelance marketplaces such as Upwork, hire a developer in-house, or hire the services of an agency such as OptimusFox that offers Staff Augmentation.
The rates of hiring a developer vary from company to company, as they have their own unique and individual requirements.
Yes, they are increasing in demand and earn good salaries. Companies are aware of the benefits blockchain developers can bring to enhance their growth and scalability.

Yes, you most certainly can. With WebPixel Pro, we offer many flexible hiring options. You can hire on a full-time, part-time or contractual basis.

Why Choose WebPixel Pro?

WebPixel Pro is a blockchain staff augmentation company committed to helping you onboard the most talented team of people. Our technical recruiters will help you hire the right personnel for the job.

Our HR team has experience working in the tech industry and can help you with onboarding resources that fit the exact requirements and specifications that you require.

Our talent acquisition specialists can also screen candidates more effectively, helping you get in touch with developers that match the exact skill sets that you require.

Our technical recruiters can easily weed out candidates who claim to have the knowledge and expertise but might not be as proficient when it comes to practical implementation.

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