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WebPixel Pro helps you hire DevOps Engineer that will help you achieve efficient work processes. A DevOps Engineer is an IT expert who works alongside software developers, software quality assurance engineers, system operators, and other IT staff to manage and supervise code releases and deployments of applications.

For this role, it is important for these people to have all the necessary hard and soft skills to develop a collaborative environment and develop effective solutions for QA, IT operations, and software development.

As a staff augmentation company, we cater to your diverse needs and set you up with competent DevOps Engineers that help you meet your goals. We also have flexible hiring options from part-time options, remote work as well as contractual hiring. Choose whatever best fits your needs and we’ve got you covered.

Benefits of Hiring our Blockchain Developer

Less Inefficiency & Mistakes

Companies still use outdated methods to manage their IT departments which leads to many mistakes and inefficiencies. This is because IT departments complete their tasks manually and this leads to errors in code, low-quality software, and inefficiencies in operations. This is where the DevOps Engineer steps in. Companies need them to improve infrastructure, introduce new tools and technologies for better efficiency, update configurations, and clean up existing processes.

Improved Customer Experience

A satisfied customer is a backbone to the success of the company. If you’re not aiming to deliver exceptional user experiences to your customers, then it’s highly unlikely your business can go so far. The DevOps process helps your company maximize user retention. It helps companies achieve productivity by completing high volumes of tasks with ease and efficiency. DevOps teams work together to deliver high-quality products to customers, as they deliver new features and functionalities that customers are bound to enjoy.

Active Collaboration

Collaboration is extremely important as companies have to deliver and release products on a consistent basis, keeping in mind that they should be free of all bugs and errors. DevOps allows different departments of the company from Operations, Development, and Quality Assurance to come together and work as a team to help the business achieve success and complete its objectives. Active collaboration also allows issues to be resolved as quickly as possible thereby ensuring greater efficiency.

Competitive Edge

DevOps enables your company to achieve smoother operations for development and quality assurance that results in enhanced customer experiences, and increased return on investment. DevOps professionals will enable you to build more productive and disciplined teams, set up the latest tools and technologies for effective automation, and improve the infrastructure. All of this will help your company geared towards a more agile approach, making your business leaner. You will be able to cut down on overhead costs as well as reduce errors associated with human intervention.

Skills Needed for a DevOps Engineer

They need to be adept at communication skills. This is important because DevOps Engineers require active collaboration between different departments to effectively meet all business goals. This is also required to enable DevOps cross-functionality across different departments.

Soft skills are also important for DevOps Engineers. Not only do they need to excel in coding and automation, but they need to have a flexible and go-getter attitude as well as the willingness to learn new things.

The heart of the DevOps process is automation, and therefore they need to be skilled at it. They should be competent at automating the entire DevOps pipeline, monitoring the performance of applications, CI/CD cycles, and infrastructure as well as architectures.

DevOps Engineers should also be well versed in coding and scripting languages. They need to have knowledge of Python, Ruby, JavaScript, Java, Node.js, and PHP.

The success of a DevOps Engineer depends on their testing skills. They need to be proficient at running automated tests and these tests run continuously without any failure.

They need to take a customer-oriented approach throughout the DevOps process. Every function they perform should be in line with the business objectives and deliver value to customers every step of the way. They need to be able to collaborate with different departments within the company from stakeholders to developers and project managers to reach a common goal.

They need to have a proactive attitude, with the willingness to learn and constantly keep themselves updated with new tools and technologies. This attiutde has a major impact on their performance as well as productivity to achieve effective results.


You can hire a DevOps Engineer through popular freelancing platforms, get the help of our DevOps outsourcing services at WebPixel Pro or hire with the help of your in-house HR team.

They manage all the operations related to software development, using the latest tools and technologies to streamline software updates and processes.
DevOps Engineers need some coding knowledge; however, it is not necessary for every member of the DevOps team. The entire process of DevOps involves everything from operations to development, and testing.

Why Choose WebPixel Pro?

WebPixel Pro is a company that provides DevOps Outsourcing Services. Finding DevOps Engineers is no easy task, but we’ve taken it upon ourselves to deliver you the most competent and proficient DevOps team as quickly as possible.

We cater to your unique teams and will make sure our HR team works tirelessly to deliver according to your requirements. Whether you need remote DevOps Engineers or need to hire on a contractual basis, we’ve got you covered.

We will work together to establish the particular skillsets you need, and then we’ll find a talent pool that delivers accordingly as well as fits into your company culture effortlessly.

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