Offshore Developers

Hire offshore developers with the help of WebPixel Pro. We help you in hiring developers that have years of experience in their respective fields. These experts are well-versed in all the cutting-edge technologies, leading to the greater success of your product.

Offshore software development means a company hires a dedicated software development team and opens a new office in another country. They are employees of the company but are based elsewhere. While individual offshore developers can also be hired to work on your projects.

We offer team augmentation to increase the scope of development and bring about productive results. Our agile approach helps you cut costs while achieving scalable results.

Benefits of Hiring Offshore Developers

Global Talent

Hiring offshore developers give you access to a diverse pool of talent. When hiring an in-house team, your company is only left with a finite pool of resources, and most of the talent is scoured locally. With offshore developers, you get access to talent from all across the globe. Having access to a global talent pool not only gives you a competitive edge but helps you bring in multiple different perspectives, skills, and expertise that can make your projects a success.

Fast Turnaround

Hiring an in-house team can take months. On top of that, additional time is required to train them and equip them with all of the skills needed to start working on the projects. When you hire an offshore development team, you get them as quickly as possible thereby ensuring that none of your project deadlines are compromised. You won’t even have to invest as much time in training them since they’ll already have all the skills and expertise the business requires.

More Flexibility

Hiring offshore developers enables the company to have a more flexible team. It can be scaled and modified according to the needs of the company. It enables companies to meet the ever-growing demands of the market and then adapt accordingly. Offshore developers allow companies to utilize their years of skills and expertise to launch successful projects rather than undertaking additional costs to hire developers for the company, who might not even possess those skills.

Reduced Overhead Costs

You can save a lot of overhead costs by hiring offshore developers. Since most offshore developers will be working remotely, you won’t have to bear overhead costs that come with hiring an in-house team. You can save on a lot of costs as you will not have to provide fringe benefits, make office space by investing in office equipment, and fulfill software requirements that the developer might need.

Highly Skilled

Expert knowledge in a certain domain or technology stack isn’t in the capabilities of every developer, and that includes your own in-house team. Maybe there are new projects that have come up and they require certain skills and expertise that may not be within the scope of the developers in your in-house team. With the help of offshore developers, you have a team of skilled experts who can cater to any kind of complex challenge that may show up during the duration of your projects. Not only is this cost-effective, but would yield productive results in the long run.

Offshore Software Development Model


The first model is project-based and works for projects with set deadlines and specific resources needed for the completion of the project. This offshore model eventually changes throughout the development process. This model enables companies to cut down on costs and the ability to scale quickly. It is best to select an outsourcing company that is well versed in the technical knowledge of the project that needs to be completed. However, if you feel that your requirements may keep evolving owing to the competitive and ever-changing market, you can switch to a solution that better fits your needs and requirements.

Offshore Development Center

Offshore development centers are one of the best models that bring enhanced profitability when you’re outsourcing to experts. This model works best for projects that are long-term and require extensive work. It’s ideal for companies that wish to cut down on product development costs whilst maintaining high product standards. In this outsourcing model, the company sets aside a dedicated team of expert developers who oversee one project at a time. The outsourcing company is responsible for taking care of each and every need that the client company requires.

Staff Augmentation

When a company aims to augment its team with the help of offshore developers to perform various technical duties, then that is termed staff augmentation. The client has control over the offshore development team. These teams achieve project deliverables within the given time frame with the specified offshore development model that is chosen for them.

Our Hiring Process

Step 1: Technical Tests

Step 2: Check Soft Skills

Step 3: Project Experience

Step 4: Company Culture Compatibility

Step 5: Onboarding


Offshore software development means that a company is looking for developers outside of the company, and even in other parts of the world, for projects and software development.
It is cost-effective, requires minimum investment, and helps you achieve productive results as well as making your company more flexible to growing changes and developments in the market.
This varies from company to company and depends on the specific project requirements of the company as well as the time that needs to be utilized.

Why Choose WebPixel Pro?

WebPixel Pro is dedicated to finding you the best developers that fit your company’s needs. Our goal is to provide you with the most cost-effective solutions and hire offshore developers while making sure you achieve productive results and excellent quality.

We want to provide you with the most competent developers that will help you achieve your business objectives without making any investments in office space and other equipment.

We aim to help your company achieve maximum flexibility. This is possible with the help of remote developers who will get their job done within the given deadlines.

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