Design Services

Design matters. They say content is king, and that your marketing efforts are in vain if the product functionality is lacking. However, design is the missing piece of the puzzle that brings it all together to deliver a successful product. Users place equal value on the visuals as they do on the content and features.

Design is an integral part to grab the attention of the user and get them to stay engaged with the application you’re developing. At WebPixel Pro, our goal is to offer state-of-the-art design services to help your brand maximize user retention. We make sure to offer website design services that help you stand out and set yourself apart from the crowd.
Design plays a huge part in brand success. Let’s work together to develop the most visually appealing, eye-catching, and stunning websites and apps.

Importance of Design for your Business

Design is the key ingredient that adds value to your products and services. Visually appealing features, beautiful aesthetics, and ease of use make users invest and spend time on the application.

Design increases your return on investment, enhances user retention, and helps your brand open up to lucrative opportunities as well as aid your marketing efforts.

Visual appeal is the first thing that captures the attention of the user far more than anything else. That is why design is so important.

Design creates the first impression that is a major factor in whether the user interacts with your product or not. Design that is created keeping the customer’s preference in mind helps a brand attract the right target audience

Why You Should Invest in Design Services?

People underestimate the benefit that design has on businesses. The look, feel and design of the app can influence the perception of the user and actually compel them to try it out and avail its features. Businesses that do not leverage the power of how design influences buying decisions end up missing out on numerous opportunities that could increase their ROI.

Website design also helps a business differentiate itself from the competition and establishes it as having its own identity. Companies want to be able to have their own identity and having an effective design helps them reflect their unique identity to others.

It creates customer loyalty as they are resonating with the design and spend their time on it. It guides the customer on how to interact with your products and applications. It offers a seamless experience which is an added bonus to your customer retention efforts.

Our Design Services

We offer a variety of design services to help you launch the most stunning web and mobile apps.
Our design team focuses on creating interfaces that are intuitive, user-friendly and keep the user engaged from start to finish.
Our designers work in close collaboration and use different tools that enhance the user experience and keep the user hooked from beginning to end.
Your leads will become eventual customers because we work hard to create stunning and aesthetic websites that convert and bring your target audience.
We create and work on amazing mobile app design that is feature-rich and easy to use and speaks to your audience.

Graphic Design

From logo design to original social media posts, our design services help meet all of your company’s needs and requirements.

The Tools We Work With

Adobe Illustrator

It is a software application that is used to create illustrations and artwork. We use Illustrator to create compelling social media posts and website design.

Adobe Photoshop

Our graphic designers use Photoshop to create beautiful and appealing social media posts and logo designs for our clients.


A visual collaboration platform for UX Designers. It lets them collaborate on ideas, run design sprints, and brainstorm effectively. The tool also helps teams work together to create a roadmap of the user flow and user journey for the websites and apps.


It is a graphics editing tool that is primarily web-based. You can get started on creating and designing straight away from the browser and without having to install any software. You can design mobile interfaces, social media posts and so much more.

Adobe XD

It is a UI/UX design tool that is used to design mobile applications and website designs, with a particular focus on enhancing the user experience.


It is a UI tool that is used to create wireframes. It is a low-fidelity wireframing tool. You can use this tool to create wireframes for different website design services and applications.

Our Design Process

Stage 1: Empathize

This is the stage where we put ourselves in the shoes of the end-user to understand their needs. We do this through user research where we try to find out the problem of the user and how best to solve it through an empathetic approach.

Stage 2: Define

After carrying out extensive research on the user’s needs, we analyze our findings to clearly define the problems that the user is facing, also known as problem statements.

Stage 3: Ideate

This is the stage where the team works together to generate ideas. This is where the team comes up with innovative solutions that can best help solve the problems that have been identified.

Stage 4: Prototype

Our design team starts experimenting at this stage. In this phase, we want to figure out the best solution for the problem statements identified. This is where we create prototypes to then test out our solutions.

Stage 5: Testing

At the final stage of the design thinking process, we test the prototypes to see the best solution that works for everyone. The results can sometimes be used to redefine problems and go back to previous stages to make any refinements and alterations if need be.


WebPixel Pro offers UI/UX Design, Design services, web app, SaaS design, and mobile app design.
There are five stages which are Empathize, Define, Ideate, Prototype, and Testing.
They use Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Miro, Figma, and Balsamiq.
A design firm works on creating a brand strategy that differentiates it from its competitors. This can include logo design, social media campaigns, print media, etc.

Why Choose WebPixel Pro?

WebPixel Pro is a design agency in USA that has a creative team of designers who work closely alongside our clients to create the most stellar web app and mobile app designs that align with your brand and differentiate it from other companies. We offer graphic design services such as branding, logo design, social media posts, and UI/UX design to enhance the user experience.

WebPixel Pro takes your needs into account every step of the way as we truly put ourselves in the shoes of the customer to design amazing products that your customers will resonate with. We maintain complete confidentiality throughout the duration of the project and keep you updated throughout the design and development process.

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